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Title: papp engine and FeAr thread
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a4 sandia24 looks promising for the linear epg argon injectors, mod?
q4 argonne4 so the blue glow is corona type discharge on the injectors but how are you supressing arcing along the rail? also it looks like a fixed containement  coil field instead of the multiple containment/compression acceleration coils concept and application by thorzpower
q4 sandia24 argon/krytpon stratification in mag field similar to argon sheathing of FeAr in the coil and linear EPG's? see s4t ref to Hg plasma flow in toroid and ed fouche folder
q4 arkiver4hho :how did the 16mm conversion go
a4 and q4  thorzpower: unbelievable!! how many db after 50 metres of travel ? Force multiplcation in this
 case is more like a TOT then MRSI because trajectory is not being changed only time of fire