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It Runs on Pure water! no Gas!

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I can't seem to pull up the videos, that you posted about


Spike gets it.
With gas, you waste probably 30% of your power pushing a compression stroke to get the gas to explode (plus create excess lateral stresses on the piston, with excess friction and heat). Hydrogen is ready to go without compression (which may even degrade the hydrogen). With gas you need to mix in a lot of nitrogen bearing air.
You get oxygen with your hydrogen, and a small combustion area means you only need a small quantity of nitrogen for effecient power. Adding water mist to the small quantity of incoming air will accentuate the power, as we know. It's a win-win.  Now we just have to put it in operation.

h20power your entering the automotive x challenge also  what are your highest efficiany  and out put to date

KEWL!! I've been wanting to see you guys enter that compatition, thats why I posted the Automotive x prize thing. Maybe once this thing is working properly, you can all get together and enter. I'm just sorry I currently am not able to help you guys with these projects, but I still want to contribute.... If you ever need any 3d work done to show off something let me know.... thats my field of expertise. Plus like I said once I'm caught up on some bills I'm ganna donate to this cause. The Future is here and I want to be there to tell the oil producing countries to go shuv it! We can also tell nuclear junkies to go shuv it too.   Well thats my 2 cents for now. :P


what a greedy bastard $5500 dollars for his gen.......i have a feeling he will get his rightful compensation......gosh greedy bastard, it really eats me up, hes toatally missing the point


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