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It Runs on Pure water! no Gas!

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here you go, view these videos while you can, if you have a way to save them to your computer and post them here please do so..

also, you had better watch these before they get gone! the man claims pure water here in my area, i tried to call him but no answer. check the boxes and click view videos.

I foresee a black escalade visiting him in the near future... $5500 talk about rape and pillaging someone.


i like your way of thinking!

The car on YouTube has a very similar function to the design
we have been discussing on under the heading
re-enginner an ICE to run on hydrogen.
This is a project that I am currently working on using a 3.5 hp briggs.


--- Quote from: h2opower on May 14, 2008, 01:53:56 am --- I could sell the items but I really want to see the oil and power genaration companies take a noise dive in proffets for all the harm they have done to humanity. That is my reason for giving the technology away, for they are starving people to death on purpose. They are killing people in Iraq right now, and have already started killing people in Iran, just to take control of thier oil, and put the hurt on the world as a whole.

Now where I do intend to make my money on this is in maintance, and instalations, just like the Automotive companies do. But I will not charge for the technology that will be free. Think of it this way guys, if you are a TV repairman and no one has a TV you are going to starve right? But if everyone has a TV you can earn a living, so give the technology away and WE will be the TV repairmen.

--- End quote ---

I agree 100% with you


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