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Wierd shit


Amun (also spelled Amon, Amoun, Amen, and rarely Imen.
Amun's name is first recorded in Egyptian as ?mn, meaning "The hidden (one)".

I'm baffled why we are told to say this egyptian god's name at the end of all our prayers ???
His name is Amen Ra.
Here is the headgear of the modern churchof rome:
The obelisk symbolized the sun God Ra.
( (
Even have one of these in DC

Everyone needs to wake up to what is occuring in the world today especially the USofA.
September 11th was an inside job and the global elites are planning to take control of all the population in america and the world. They are building concentration camps and training solders to work in them. The wars are staged and the media is controlled.  They are coming out with RFID chips in all our drivers licences to track our every move via GPS and also have database's hooked to them with all our private data in them. 
Stack ammunition, food, and guns. The war is going to be over resources which is what makes our knowledge SO valuable to all humanity.
Lets kill us some Neo-cons

have you seen the free movie on youtube, END GAME?

Ya I have seen it.
Have you seen freedom to fascism?

Here is a link to view ENDGAME. I highly recommend it.
(^ one part documentary)

(^ 14 part documentary)


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