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Plasma Hydrogen ready to roll in a car

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These guys will be suppressed


--- Quote from: student_engineer on December 04, 2007, 00:56:50 am ---These guys will be suppressed

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Lets hope not.   They seem to have a group and funding.  Maybe we will have free energy soon!

i wonder if these guys know how dangerous this all is. i think it might be safer if they made all of their knowledge and techniques public and household known that is put it on youtube or anything to get the word out. i kinda feel like this is not something that any individual will be allowed to profit from so might as well do what they can to keep it from being supressed

I suggest looking on youtube.  Here is a link to the AKVO video channel.  Search via AKVO.

Unfortunately, a lot of music and not enough substance.

Hopefully, we will see more.


um yeah alot of music and no substance at all.

what i was suggesting was that they get the tech out to the public guys like stevie and hydrocars carbednotch people who can interpret it into something useful

but i feel its very likely that greed would overtake them and the chance to make money would once again supercede any possible change for good in the world


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