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This is a quote from somebody very qualified,  somebody very knowledeable in the field of RF electronics


Well, to my understanding, there are two resonances happening an electrical and a 'mechanical'.
That's what I mean by dual resonance.

What could this mean ?

the plates pull closer to each other with higher magnetic pulses.......this creates a phsyical oscillation between the plates......there is a guy who explains this on youtube.

What does he mean with mechanical? oscillation strech of the molecule ,rubberband effect ?

can you give us the link for youtube kines

Where is this video ?

There is not much info on mechanical resonance , but it seems like tesla made buildings shake using this "mechanical resonance" ...

Hi friends
Somethings to bear in mind when we talk about Meyer circuitry  when combining both electronic and mechanical resonance:

When  a blocking diode is present in the circuitry,  what i see is a charging pump circuitry==> meaning each pulsation/oscillation an amplitude   voltage supplement takes place and for that it is called VIC.

Could be  I missed something in that case ....please you are welcome to correct.

Best regards

Jose 421


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