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I know that many of you guys are searching for a way to create hydrogen with HV and low or no amps.
Well, today is the day.
Go have a look at this patent. It tells you all you need to know.


i ran across these honda patents while in the middle of patenting a volttrolysis hydrogen system the guys that have this patent also have 1 or 2 other patents they leave out a few crucial pieces of the puzzle to actually make it replicatable most importantly a waveform and circuitry if you find the other one it actually says they use chambers circuit but get around his patent because of the semi conductor electrodes and down play his circuit making theirs sound better buy quoting the 555 circuits 1 amp power supply as the cells current also the "b2" at the end of the patent means it is not an orginal idea just an inventive step of an existing idea  also hydrogen activating device is their way around saying the type of resonance used to break the covalent bonds

I would like to see more than 60 ml in 6 hours. 

Yes, Dudly. I seen those Honda patents too.
The patent above here is talking about using semiconductor material on the electrodes.
Maybe piezo?

The 60ml in an hour is probably the results of the 5mA........Warj  ;).


okay i read the patent, very interesting that a car manufacturer has a system nearly identical to stan meyers.

- low power decomposition, low current, high voltage (decomposition explained with electromagnetic waves, noteable: negative voltage (electrons)!)
- sharp voltage spikes again (this time triangular, not gated)
- 400Hz from a 50Hz powersource, easily done, to minituarize the transformer which then steps the voltage up to 1500V
- semiconductor to inhibit current (various ways to do that, they use material, jnaudin uses insulation spray, stan uses his amp inhibit circuit)
- flat surface of the electrodes to ensure that the gas bubbles aren't sticking to the surface
- heating the water "activates" it (?)
- change electrodes from time to time so that no material is wasted


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