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Look what I found!!!

It does not say much, but there is one thing that called my attention.

see if you find it.

roflmao ;D

the only things that caught my eyes was he repeats him self twice in the last 2 parapraphs and when he states "water is seperated into oxygen and hydrogen using a unique combonation of metallurgical, electric, and design inventions.." 

first off what does he mean by design inventions?
second off.. lets look into the word metallurgical

Metallurgical techniques
Metallography allows the metallurgist to study the microstructure of metals.

Metallurgists study the microscopic and macroscopic properties using metallography, a technique invented by Henry Clifton Sorby. In metallography, an alloy of interest is ground flat and polished to a mirror finish. The sample can then be etched to reveal the microstructure and macrostructure of the metal. A metallurgist can then examine the sample with an optical or electron microscope and learn a great deal about the sample's composition, mechanical properties, and processing history.

now there is also Crystallography  (remember silicon in stainless)
Crystallography, often using diffraction of x-rays or electrons, is another valuable tool available to the modern metallurgist. Crystallography allow the identification of unknown materials and reveals the crystal structure of the sample. Quantitative crystallography can be used to calculate the amount of phases present as well as the degree of strain to which a sample has been subjected.

That is not what I noticed..

The thing that called my attention was the part saying that some unsuded hydrogen is re-captured from the exaust...

Not sure if that can happen when using hydrogen on a ICE, but I did see several of Dingle's videos where there was exaust gas boubling into the cell.

That is a very poor written patent....

Yes, it is interesting to read that Dingle thinks that there will be some hydrogen left after combustion.
Not sure if that is the case, because it is very flamable stuff, as we all know by now...
But maybe the proces inside the engine delivers some stuff that we are not aware off.

With Dingle, i always had the idea that he used the plates from a battery......



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