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Title: lunar eclipse on winter solstice
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For those who didn't hear there was a winter solstice on tuesday the 21. around 1:30 - 6 o'clock A.M for Florida...

This lunar eclipse was a rare one.. It happend to be a full lunar eclipse on the same day as the   winter solstice..  I'm kinda viewing this from a astral harmonics point of   view.. The winter solstice is the longest night of the year.. could it   be considered the darkest night of the year/ the peak value? which is also the peak of the northern hemispheres tilt away from the sun
  Every winter solstice has a different darkness due to the moons   brightness.. The moons brightness is different because the moon isnt in   the same phase every winter solstice... So you could say there is a peak   brightness of the darkest day in the year and a peak brightness of the   darkest day of the year.. All dependent on the phase of the moon.. the   darkest being a winter solstice with a new moon the brightest being a   winter solstice with a full moon.. now where does a winter solstice fall   in for a full moon/lunar eclipse??? Is it the middle of brightness on the darkest day? lol

Just thought i would share a unique perspective that involves synchronicity with the astral rather then our normal perspective of atomic.