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scorpion hydrogen powered car

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first off this is not a car that stores hydrogen gas......

it stores it in water form then by electrical splits it into hydrogen and oxygen they claim it's similar to electrolysis....nothing about additives....

I have seen that... the engine does not run on 100% hydrogen. the hydrogen is used has a booster.

"When the hydrogen is added to the V6, the claim is that the car will achieve 20-40% better fuel economy with lower emissions."

Still, it is great.

you beat me!!!! i was just about ot modify it!!! i was in hte process of writing itttttttt noooooo!

and the website sates splits water electrochemically.

Oh!! Sorry man... Yeah I have read this several month's back..

Regardless, I think it is still great, even as a booster to boost performance and to reduce emmisions.

Similar hydrogen car was manufactured by BMW, does anyone know where they are now..?


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