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Longitudinal waves, the secret?

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I want to start this topic, because i ll get more and more indications that these waves are what Stan used.
Reason? Stan mentiont once that NOBODY ever thought on using an accelerator in the proces.
He always talked about the speed of light and that he used a proces that went faster......
The only proces i know and what would make any sence are the LONGITIDINAL WAVES.

I published this video some weeks ago.
The attached video is from Eric Dollard and Peter Lindemann.
They prove and show the longitudinal waves.

They showed those wave NOT with use of bifilarcoils.
I think both could be used.
My proposal is to start with normal coils and capacitors, like Eric Dollard did..


I hope we can solve it together.



Here are some comments of Dr. Peter Lindemann on this concept:

But let's start at the beginning. What was Tesla trying to do? He was trying to produce a simple DC square-wave pulse train. But he didn't have ANY electronic control devices. No 555 timer chips. No transistors. No vacuum tubes. He only had coils, capacitors, mechanical contacters, and spark gaps.

So, what does Tesla's longitudinal electrostatic wave-front look like? It looks like a DC square-wave pulse train where the pulse repetition rate is one million impulses per second, the duty-cycle is 10% On and 90% OFF, and the voltage in each impulse is 50,000 volts DC or more. This is what Tesla wants the circuit to do. This is what he wants to create by the discharge of his capacitor stage in the circuit.

So, if the spark gap is his "circuit controller" then he only wants a "single crack" each time the capacitor discharges. Just a single, unidirectional impulse of electrostatic charge to proceed forward before the circuit shuts off again. Then, the capacitor can charge up again for the 900 nanoseconds the spark gap is quiet and then discharge all of the stored energy again in 100 nanoseconds. Then repeat indefinitely.

It creates a "staccato of electrostatic bursts." Don't make this mysterious, because it is not. It is no more difficult to understand than the output of a 555 timer chip. Its just that we are talking about very high voltage DC, and very high pulse repetition rates. What is difficult is finding the circuit components that allow you to create these conditions without self-destructing!


More of Peter:

Perhaps the simplicity of my example was too extreme. I was trying to create an image to convey an idea. A DC square-wave was what Tesla was trying to create. But you are both correct, a simple chopped DC electron current was not Tesla's goal. The intermittent timed release of packets of electrostatic charge was the goal.


Whatever the secret was , if it used longitudinal waves or not. If one was to rebuild the injector with a small enough VIC to fit inside it , we would be trying both possibilities at once. If it doesnt have anything to do so be it we are still trying Stans method to the letter and we will see success.


I found this to be interresting , its a Time Energy Pump

again , many similarities.....

But what if we could find an actual use for this ? wouldnt that be great ? What should we pump lol ?


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