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Frequency Driven RV alternator


Guys if your using 1HP in your dive motor you not going to get more efficient then the roto verter.

Also here you can see how you can raise the torque or HP and preserve the efficiency (no more current draw)
Also it seemed to do well on an alternator, this is the system i will be trying with hydro cars Alt shemo, we have our cell finally ready here it is.

The cell about to be "ionized"
BTW, don't put an inductor on each tube it don't work ::) :P

Frequency driven Alt from a modified inverter

RV principle with a PM DC (it had old bearings) as a load.

Also we are going to try this on the out put, the RV with an alternator produce 1000 VAR's to 300 watts input, its a moving pulsed system its a new type of mad scientist alternator i hope hydro cars likes the craziness 8)



 ;D Some serious hardware  ;D

I was particularly interested in the Frequency driven Alt from a modified inverter. I have read that you can get an immense amount of power for the size, Power golf carts with them, and so on. I would love to see the info, on the conversion. A how to document, Would be nice  ;D

I see you had some issue with bonding acrylic to pvc, I used loctite 5 minute epoxy on my first cell. and I never had a leak. But let it cure for 2 days before putting water in. But I'm interested in the wiring. Has a lot of possibilities.


Man am i glad you asked that question cause here is every thing including a Frequency driven inverter design,  look for the RV energy saving Compilation in the Roto verter document on the Panacea university site

Let me know if any probs

Yes you can get some serious power for less watts, if every one Frequency drove their drive motor you would get more torque for less amps and also power factor correct your Motor, you can make your drive motor 94% plus efficient with the RV, ATM your all pushing 88% if that.


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