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Open letter to P. Lindemann

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Here my post on the energetic forum where dr. P. Lindemann is.

Open letter to P. Lindemann


Dear mr. Lindemann,

I have been reading about your work and i have seen some video's as well.
Like many others, i have been researching free energy. Tesla work. Stan Meyers work, and of course my own.

I was very impressed by your knowledge and by your explanation of many subjects in the field.

Please dont take this wrong, and i think you wont, because you are a smart person:
A smart man once told me. The most stupid question is the qusetion who is never asked....
Do you know a way of getting serious OU?
I just wanna be sure. Thats all.

How about your explanation on Stan Meyers patents?
Are you still behind your theory, which we all seen on youtube?
If so, maybe its time for you to help the many out there and explain how to make a replica. That way, you can help them very much. They all spend much money on that.....

Again, i really appriciate your hugh contribution and i trully hope that some one finds a way to deliver a system which can provide clean free energy to all the people around the whole world.


His answer!

Dear Steve,

Of course I know how to make devices that produce more energy than they run on. In fact, I know quite a few ways.

The MYTH of Free Energy is that hobbyists can build one of these things in their spare time! The fact is, that 99.9% of all people could not even make a ball-point pen from scratch parts in their garage, or even something as well understood as an internal combustion engine. These are major engineering projects that take time, energy, money, KNOWLEDGE and SKILL.

I work for a living. That means I don't have much time for these projects anymore. I set out to study Free Energy technology in my early 20's, in 1973. Since then, I have learned much more than I ever imagined was possible about this field, and having stayed alive, I ended up being considered "knowledgeable" by comparison with others.

I have been told, by people who knew Stan Meyer, that my explanation of Stan's system, as presented in the YouTube clip, is essentially correct, but slightly over simplified. But that was the purpose of my lecture at the KeelyNet Conference, to make things understandable to the whole audience.

As for why I haven't published exactly how to do it, Aaron and I were going to work the whole thing out, at the end of the summer in 2008, when the big crash happened. We both ran out of money and had to stop all of our projects. In the meantime, a number of other people have worked it out and there are some Yahoo Groups right now showing people how to run an engine/generator set on water.

Good luck with your research. That is all I am going to say here. No more questions.


He doesn't say what his OU concepts are.
Then he says "No more questions."

Not a useful answer.

i would say yea he's knowledgeable but has the wrong perspective in life and has coward down or shall i say broke like a horse into the acceptance of working for a living and giving up hope for a better society...  he talks highly of him self and what he knows then tells u to fuck off. he downs the main population by saying that they are a bunch of idiots and could never learn how to do anything by his examples of the pen and motor..

Steve, great questions from you, crappy answers from Peter. It seems the thread has started to migrate towards the usual endless banter of opinions with absolutely no new information at all. I am curious as to why you think he knows any more about what you are looking for than you or the other patrons in this forum? In my opinion, this site is the best of them all and should be considered as the first stop for any pertinent information. This is a "Doer's" site as well as great documentation, not to mention, great discussions. Besides, black is my favorite color too. Much easier on my eyes in the dark.  :o

Good Day!


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