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Title: 9/11 Truth
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Hi all,

Not to sidetrack everyone's (including mine) research I thought I'd bring attention to these groups/websites: architects and engineers for 9/11 truth
after reading I realized this isn't conspiracy theory but theory based on evidence.  Personally I was in NYC on 9/11 and I will tell you I have vivid recollection of the events of that day and following.  I admit that I was searching for an explanation and like many others accepted the official government explanation but after reviewing the evidence again and my recollection it is very disturbing what the consequences of the truth are.  I myself am confronted with my research that classic electrolysis will not do what it takes and hydrogen fracturing does hold promise (with correct circuitry whatever that may be) so I have to ask myself when recalling the heat and molten metal at 9/11 weeks after the building fell where did the energy come from?  I've made up my mind pretty much but where to go from this point is another question I haven't answered yet.  So I'll leave it up to each individual here to re-examine the evidence and draw their own conclusion (or not).

Soapbox on:
In conclusion it would appear the the Patriot Act is unconstitutional on several grounds in my opinion first and foremost the fact that only congress has the duty to declare war and on who not the executive branch and last time I checked that hasn't been done since WWII.  It's up to the courts to settle the issue similar to the excuse given by "free" energy inventors patents being confiscated on the grounds of national security.  That's an abrogation of freedom of speech guaranteed by the constitution and the foundation of rule of law.  Take away the foundation and the whole premise rule of law falls like a stack of cards.  What's left is tyranny.  I am amazed no one has had the guts to sue the government on this basic civil right.  So unless the bill of rights is amended the national security act is also unconstitutional.  The constitution and bill of rights is not a guideline for courts to follow.  This is the tyranny this country fought against to establish itself.  Soapbox off...

Title: Re: 9/11 Truth
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All you say is true, I am well aware of these matters and many other like them in the world.

Check out Alex Jones on and prisonplanet. I don't listen to him on my own accord, but my father and brothers do so I hear what's going on.

For me, I know there are lots of problems in the world, and I believe the Water Fuel Cell technology can provide freedom and solutions to all of them.
Title: Re: 9/11 Truth
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here is a good video released on the 1st.. it is backed by many of the fire fighters that were involved and they have many good points they are sharing involving the methods of investigation and how they witnessed many improper cover up scenarios.

are we still having problems with the youtube attachment or is it my computer?
Title: Re: 9/11 Truth
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Here's another website with good information that is verifiable i.e. claims can be checked via another source for the most part and talks about exactly the same thing Stan Meyer was speaking of regarding energy and fossil fuels and what the future may hold if another renewable energy sources do not become available.