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Stanley A Meyer Electrical Extraction Method
« on: May 02, 2022, 16:33:15 pm »
Give credit  to Dr.007  for the following info found  during a recent web scrape

"The gas processor is an ancillary component of the Meyer Twins hydrogen fuel system.
It comprises a housing containing air flow passages guided through two cylindrical electrodes,the outer of which sits behind a quartz glass tube. Incorporated into the said housing are rows of LED lights positioned inwards to illuminati the air flow cavity by shining through slotted window cutaways in the outer electrode and through the quartz tube to the gasses in the air flow cavity. When in use, the air in the cavity is under low pressure and excited or energized into a plasma state between the negative electrode and quartz glass. When the input energy is cut and excitement stops the air plasma being conductive momentarily completes a second circuit to a resistor leaving the gasses now at what would be below ground state,discharged,or mass reduced. Mass reduced meaning O2 in the air has lost an amount of electrons. The unstable gasses are temporarily stabilized with the light energy from the LEDs at 660 nm wavelength.
The driving circuit and transformers and electrode size in the airflow cavity are calibrated. This is to bring the changing circuit to circuit resonance, and for circuit efficiency. The plasma filled cavity becomes a capacitor matched with the driving circuit. With the addition of a diode in the secondary transformer winding to stop polarity flip of the circuit.

The circuit is brought to circuit resonance for one reason and this is to excite the air gasses to a plasma state using the least amount of energy.

The gasses are excited to a state of chemical resonance.Chemical resonance is a highly charged state whereby molecules break apart into single atoms. Electrons jump energy orbits or shells, and a phenomenon of electron sharing occurs. This is when atoms start to share individual electrons with each other.

Because the energized gasses are now in a closed system when discharged they have no way to gain stability until they come into contact with HHO at the point of combustion.

Combustion is the second plasma event for your processed air gasses. In the combustion plasma, these processed gasses like oxygen with up two four missing electrons will start to interact with the natural HHO burn or conversion from gas to water with energy release. The excited oxygen with missing electrons has many times the attraction force over electrons than hydrogen has. This is the interaction that leaves hydrogen atoms without electrons forcing them to give up their mass to energy as the conversion window closes. This vastly increases the efficiency and energy output per unit of HHO gas. Because you converted more hydrogen into energy you have less water byproduct from the HHO gasses.

In the Meyer twins final design. The gas processor gasses where defused with the hho exhaust gasses through the water tank on the car making what he called water fuel. This water fuel was then pumped to an injector. Inside the injector cavity a very small amount of HHO gasses are made. At this point just before combustion all three gasses mix. The voltage across the injector electrodes reaches spark ignition..

This procedure will not work if you add any other elements fossil fuels or even un-processed air. You are controlling the element mix and combustion like never before. The Meyer Twins."

Named after Johann Balmer, who discovered the Balmer formula, an empirical equation to predict the Balmer series, in 1885. Balmer lines are historically referred to as "H-alpha", "H-beta", "H-gamma" and so on, where H is the element hydrogen.[10] Four of the Balmer lines are in the technically "visible" part of the spectrum, with wavelengths longer than 400 nm and shorter than 700 nm. Parts of the Balmer series can be seen in the solar spectrum. H-alpha is an important line used in astronomy to detect the presence of hydrogen.
Balmer Series n=3

n   λ, air

3   656.3
4   486.1
5   434.0
6   410.2
7   397.0
∞   364.6
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