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Stan Meyer Biography Reference
« on: February 06, 2013, 18:36:16 pm »
In the Birth of New Technology Technical Bulletin (1995) page iii, it is mentioned that Stanley Meyer was named
the 1993 Inventor of the Year by the publication Who's Who of American Inventors and was listed in the
1991-1992 Edition of Who's Who of American Inventors. ISBN: 0929956-06-0

Page 103 shows a reference to him and his patent 4936961. On page 169,he is shown being named the
1992-1993 Inventor of the Year. The process is described as using voltage to dissociate the water
molecule with subsequent use of light exposure. The process is described as an atomic process which did not
neeed neutron interaction to initiate the energy process

Image1     page 169 ref
Image 2    Similar Award Plaque from Estate Photos but this was for Who's Who of Entreprenuers  in the US 1991
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