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Unpowered Resonance
« on: June 12, 2013, 07:35:52 am »
Has anyone here tried to measure frequency and/or voltage on water caps with/without coils inline or parallel to see what results they'd get with NO power to them?

I tried doing so to a water cell that I had left sitting in a water bath with baking soda until all the water evaporated.  I wasn't expecting any result but I got something interesting.

I was getting a self resonating frequency ranging from 5 to 7 MHz. But that was not the interesting part.  The interesting part is that there were two voltage ranges in the frequency.  The base voltage was 10mV.  However, there was a second voltage that peaked at around 40mV at much lower frequency than that of the 10mV frequency.

What seems to me may have been happening is that there were more than one self resonating frequency at work and when these frequencies converged is where it was producing a quadrupled voltage.

Incidentally, I'd like to refer back to something I read in Meyer's patent.  His circuit locked into frequency when the feedback voltage was greater than the input voltage which was supposed to occur at the desired resonant frequency.  I'm not sure that Tony's circuit works this way.

I intend to try this with other cells and configurations but have not had the opportunity yet.  Has anyone else seen anything similar to this?