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series LC resonance in a DC circuit

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perhaps you should use a low voltage like 0,5v

This is a misunderstanding.
The way you get the double of voltage if when a real capacitor fully charges to voltage supplied and there will be no current flow anymore, so the inductor collapses producing the pulse BUT THE POWER SUPPLY IS STILL CONNECTED, and since that, it charges to Vsupplied + inductor pulse in series.
In a pulsed system as Meyer with non-ideal "capacitor" there will be a second pulse and not the voltage doubling effect.

In the example of the video the voltage is always connected, in Meyer system the Interruption of the power source (pulse off time) is what "triggers" the collapsing of the inductor(s).

if you connect the inductor in such way that it can collapse freely than you get more than double actually... it will win any barrier to finish the discharge

Fabio what do you mean freely? We are talking about the LC circuit not the inductor alone.


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