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Horvath seem to have inspired meyer in many ways...

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his patents has a very interesting chronological development curve... where he goes from the electrical polarization process to the hydrogen fracturing..

Ive sent email to see if hes "active or retired" .....  read "alive"     ;)

theres address / map of where the lab is on their site

if he is still alive then theres a chance he took the pay off and has lived another day

try dig up some more stuff.....

ok didnt have to search too far

1980 article on public show


what appears to be similar carb


transmutation is also what Anderson did.
It seems possible to mutate the hydrogen atom into deuterium....

It's also possible to transmute Hydrogen into Helium.

The big glass tube on the right is a vacuum capacitor.  The black coil around the sealed electrode-less H tube is the output winding.

I discussed this with him in the past, on a private list.  Change in the color indicates presence of He.  He said he could get an output voltage from the properly tuned black coil even without any input, as if the fusion was spontaneous.  But he never would divulge the frequency he uses.


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