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Simplification(?) of the scr portion of Meyer's demo circuit


I had an idea of simplifying the scr portion of Stan's circuit eliminating the 5 volt voltage regulator.  It seems that this part is necessary for the opto-coupler to work in conjunction with the scr.  It would involve connecting 2 opto-couplers in series thereby dividing the 12 volts in 1/2 and connecting the scrs in parallel across the line.  I'm not an electrician by trade so I'm learning as I go.  I am all about keeping it simple though.

I've also read that the scr is based on coupling a pnp and npn transistor in series and wondering if each gate were connected to the led terminal outputs  of the optocoupler the transistors would "fire" on completing the circuit.

I don't know if this would be more economical than the 5 volt regulator portion but it might save some space.



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