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OU or not OU


Hi folks,

Here is a video of a person showing some interesting stuff.
He let us believe that he gets OU.
What do you  all think of this?

Amp go down on the prim and power goes up on ther secondairy....Strange....explanable?


Very interesting video.
My  2cts:
See this other video, in which the coil is coupled to another [energy propagation video].
Compare those 2 coils to the vic chokes:
One inhibits amps at resonance, while coupling its cemf impedance field to the second.

Current does flow through cap and first coil, but cancel eachother as an overall effect, one is  +90 and the other is -90 degree, so no power, he found a way to use the current through the coil only, by coupling.
I wonder what would happen if the resonance frequency is  found of both coils?

I say it is not OU.  :(


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