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Stanley A Meyer Gas Matrices
« on: July 19, 2022, 15:34:31 pm »
Stanley Meyer designed a number of Electrical Particle Generator systems and described them in seminars, publications and patents

[Publications by Stanley A Meyer         [applicable to EPG]
1.  The Birth of New Technology             1991,1994,1995
2.  Dealership Sales Manual                     1986 1st 2nd and 3rd Editions
3.  Electrical Particle Generator WFC      Memo 418    1986
4   Technical Manual   Office Copy         3rd Edition
5   Technical Manual   Extended Version 7th Edition

Water Fuel Cell Bulletins/Releases
1   News Release Water Fuel Cell   Issue 3 p.2      Photo of Stan holding the Mechani9cal Drive EPG

Newspaper Articles

Multitier image     GC Star wars article
Video//Film Archives

1  New Zealand House Meeting                                   discussion of gas matrices                                             technical
2 Deercreek Seminar (circa 1986)                                extensive discussion methods of increasing output      technical
3 Dealership Sales  1987                                               long version with nice color epg slides    1987            technical//promotional
4 Deercreek   Stan Meyer Talks with Mark Goldes      EPG discussion and 1987 World Solar Challenge       historical i
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