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Stanley A Meyer Magnetic Gas on Demand
« on: March 26, 2022, 21:36:26 pm »
Why store if can generate on continuous basis?
It is well known that HHO gas can be made on demand by conventional automobile batteries applying power to vertical cluster array cells of the Meyers type but for only short periods until the stored energy is dissipated.

For the electrical particle generators (the EPGs) a non-magnetic tube (copper) was formed into a spiral and a magnetized material (ferrofluid or magnetized gas) circulated by mechanical or linear magnetic drives.

Alignment coils were used to maintain magnetic orientation of the liquids or gases during the movement through the tubes
Pickup coils wrapped around the tubes experienced an induced electrical current as the pulsed magnetic fields of the ferrofluids or gases passed through the pipe
The actual volume of magnetic material was not large, but the number of windings could be substantial (over 36000 winds for the 6 tier systems)
From application of the EMF transformer equation and design output values 220 VAC @ 300 amps what are expected magnetic flux values?

Let  B   = magnetic flux                            Bmax  B /Area
Let  E   =  voltage                                       220 volts AC         coulombs?
Let  A    = cross-sectional area of core      .0001639 sq metres for type M  0.5 inch OD
Let  N   =  number of winds                       36000
Let K    = constant                                      4.44   
Let V    = velocity                                       90 ips        convert to metric
Let F    =  frequency                                   60 hz/sec

Formula  EMF Transformer equation   ... rewrite   solve for Bmax

Use of injector/ electrode to vaporize Fe,Ni,Co while adding argon  use of electron extraction circuit to pull out electrons thus
allowing for formation and stabilization of gas matrix 
Problems to be solved
1.what volume needed to fill copper tube as STP per second      open end system as exhaust vs closed system
2 how many moles iron in filled tube tube
3 density and magnetic saturation vs  m/s of EFH-1
4 will the velocity of gas needed to be increased?
5 helical swirl to stabilize   laser /electric carrier wave

1single tier system        3 loops of spiral  17 inches diamenter   51 inches long.  1/2 inch od
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