Author Topic: Stanley A Meyer Videography 2020 Update  (Read 329 times)

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Stanley A Meyer Videography 2020 Update
« on: June 05, 2020, 04:35:19 am »
                         Finally some new information has come to light. Thanks  to "anon "for the title list from the Wolverine holdoings! It has a
                         few label listings that are new or previously unknown

                         Q for anon :What is the metadata on the images of the labels and current state/location of the videos if known.
                         Obeservations  / Provinence
                          1: Notation 138 on the Internationl Symposium on New Energy is  a time length   -- 1 hour 38 min

                          2.The Ukiah conference  (SEER 94) mentions Stan as a speaker of request in BONT 95
                           so the Ukiah  series  of videos is not released or published yet.
                           3.Dates on labels are d-m-y format which is commonly used in military  (Stan  and Steve were veterans) 

                            4.Some of the video labels in the Don Gabel photo series were highlighted but resolution of some labels are poor
                            but It might be possible to match up labels by visual comparison. Also ,comparison  of the hand writing  on the 
                            labels can be compared to other known samples of  Stan’s handwriting toverify provenance.

                            See wolverine post for Label Images and info

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