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Re: Stan Meyer Documents from meyerarchive
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At some point, Stan says the ambient air trapped in the water are released allowing the water to burn much slower... I think the exhaust gasses are needed for the higher energy state gasses Stan's systems was said to make. Also if Neal's system is just plain electrolysis then there will be steam in the mix which also lowers the burn rate/ potency of the fuel.
This is just Neal trying to run a engine only on water fuel. Which he did...

I understand the concept of co equaling the burn rate of gas by intermixing exhaust.. I'm sure Neal knows a lil about it as well .
I understand Stan's system more then some of you new people on this forum might think..
Read the manuals, read the patents, made some circuits. 
Been pondering on this for some time now..
I will say though all my past post on this forum were during a time i was stuck in a pseudo science point of view not exploring into the real mathematical/ engineering view point of approach..
About the time i split from daily interaction on here I began to move forward much more in the learning process.. which was a year or so ago..
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Re: Stan Meyer Documents from meyerarchive
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Dear members,

I really appreciate all your input here on the forum, except dirty messages, as many of you know. Thats the only reason for removing posts, as you notice.



Do people ever read what i write here?
No more off topic posts. Keep focus on technology, please.

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