Author Topic: Stan Meyer 1989 Lab Visit Video Clip  (Read 4803 times)

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Re: Stan Meyer 1989 Lab Visit Video Clip
« Reply #16 on: November 28, 2013, 09:31:15 am »
Stan Meyer:
"Now, when we demonstrate this part to you we demonstrate it under the worse possible conditions"

Charley H.
"Stan you know we oughta, we oughta get a video usin this unit the first time des start it choo know hoo I mean? Put the whole thing together in the otha oun.

Yea, I'm thinking about trying to come up with a new format.....

Inflection added to hear the way he actually says it....


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Re: Stan Meyer 1989 Lab Visit Video Clip
« Reply #17 on: November 28, 2013, 17:10:54 pm »
A high signal to noise ratio, visual clues by looking at mouth and body language, a good understanding of the subject material as well as the language being used,audio frequency notch filtering and audio noise suppression filters can do a lot to convert otherwise unintelligible audio into suitable and accurate closed captioning.
However, if one just listens to the speech sample about ten times, the resulting transcription is usually close enough for most work.  People who have lost their sense of sight often develop enhanced auditory discrimination skills and can be used in special circumstances
When I was doing the transcripts of the tapes of Stan in his backyard that had Charlie, Stan and Marylin in the background, the signal to noise ratio was so bad from the sound of the noise from the buggy's engine running that some speech was unintelligible and will likely always remain so,. Audio pareidolia is sometimes a help and and other times a hindrance.for proper transcript. Another technique is a consensus of transcript approach.

Additionally  an aspect of speech to text rendering are decision rules regarding the uhs, pauses and slang and how they will be rendered. and punctuated. For example ,should c'mon be rendered as come on
or i'll see y'all be translated into I will see you all?
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