Author Topic: Stan Meyer Solving the I saw or heard it somewhere problem  (Read 926 times)

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Stan Meyer Solving the I saw or heard it somewhere problem
« on: August 08, 2012, 04:01:52 am »
For fun I combined the Independent Test Report, the Dealership Sales Manual and Birth of New Technolgy
into one searchable PDF file. Then I searched the portfolio for various terms which gives the number of instances and then I could scroll to the appropriate references in all 3 publications.

I thought I'd upload it to the ionizationx site but it was a very large file and I saw that it was taking a long time and might exceed the file limitations for the board and my patience.

So for  the new test of concept,  I combined about four of the pdf files for the WFC bulletins into one portfolio and uploaded it to ionizationx. About 44 mb (one of the bulletin files is blank since i may have moved it to a backup area)

If you download ( 20 min) the combined pdf file and use adobe professional 7 you should be able to search all four  bulletins rapidly but once it is saved on your system you don't have to download it again.  the OCR has some formating problems  of bad copies and pictures but i this same procedure can be used for the transcript files

Since I already have them on my system i wouldnt have to do the upload and download procedure to
search   The PDF 7  Professional converter program used is about 100 USD.

This will help find the keywords  and phrases rapidly

The transcript test file downloads quicker :) because it is a much smaller all text file.

Once its downloaded the adobe reader screens appear with the various  individual files listed to the right,
One types the search word at the top in the tool bar and one can now see all the instances where the word or phase occurs in the combined files. So the next time someone says I saw it on a video or somewhere (I read about in in one of Stans books or WFC bulletins the search for it is much easier. The pdfs for the transcripts  posted here at ionizationx are pretty accurate. For the captions of the pictures that are 90
degrees from the text you will get a lot of garbage and the formulae are "problematic" :D

Once one has the converted files on you own system the assembly of various files into larger groups for searches is feasible. How about a SuperStan file combining his 3 major publications, the WFC bulletins and transcripts. :) For the public sources it's well over 600 pages and for the diagrams that are are 90 degrees from the text  would need to be rotated, resized and pasted back in the text (or one could just set up a searchable or tagged diagram base}.

When I set up the dynodon photo groups  on my project I pasted a tagging code such as smdb001 or smvid002 and a description on the photo, I'm experimenting to see if the photodata base is also easily set up for adobe search again. I hope this helps you in developing your research databases.

I tried it with grabbing photos that had titles or tags and it works with the adobe 7 professional pdf program.
See the  photoadobetest2 attachment for a screen shot of 3 photos. A search by file name or adding electronic tags should also work.
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