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Stan Meyer EPG Spiral Concept
« on: May 21, 2012, 13:41:33 pm »
a4 thorzpower: regarding the 3 phase output multitier device notice the physical divider on end view.
                       vanes similar to spitfire brazer of 1970 for induction of air/mapp gas swirl.
                       AI  first physical solution is to twist nonconductive pipes as rope strand, 
                       AI  second option was option of twisted trilobe / hexlobe divider inserted into the
                       non conductive EPG spiraled tube.

See attachments:

It appears Meyer may have opted for second option.  If his terminology is being interpreted correctly, then Meyer was  showing it as it was- physical spiral divider that ran the length of the copper tube or if not,  perhaps
a  short physical divider vane may be all that is needed to set up the vortices within the spiral tube.

The EPG cross-section is clearly showing a physical divider which sets up the rotating fields as mag gas
traverses the containment tubing.

q4 sandia24 : do you think in the three phase gega device that each mag gas vortex strand was one phase ?
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