Author Topic: Stanley Meyer Photo Album and Index -6 Level EPG-Seminar Photo !  (Read 1307 times)

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val:meyer*:attr:color:srch:simpixlib:epg :tim (1:1:1980-1-1-1999)
app:pswrd:********* simconfidence=95


This first picture came from an early Deer Creek Meyer Seminar. It matches the mystery device ID'd by Bubz
The label indicates a magnetic gas was used. It appears that mystery device 12 photo was reversed
and size edited
val:meyer*:attr:bw:srch:simpixlib:epg :tim (1:1:1980-1-1-1999)
app:pswrd:********* simconfidence=95


The second picture is what pops up in a black and white search of same time frame
val:meyer*:attr:color:srch:simpixlib:epg :tim (1:1:2008-9-1-2011)xcld prv mtch
app:pswrd:********* simconfidence=80


The rest of the photos are what come up in a different time frame exluding previous images  found
(Used a fuzzier search parameter)

Discussion: Images 1 and 2 are basically the same, one is in color , the other popped up in a search for black and white images on the net
                 Image 3 and 4  are reversed right to left
                  However, the nameplate may give a clue as to proper orientation
                 Stan seemed to use a similar format for all his nameplates.
                 Image 5 is a nameplate from another device but the lettering at the top of the nameplate
                 looks has a higher pica count then the lower lines as does the upper lines in image 4 and
                 the  short "word at the end of the nameplate in image 4 could be a zip code??
                 Thus the images 3 and 4 are probably reversed right to left from true orientation

                 This can be confirmed by the presence of pixel flaws in the same relative positions
                 in images 7 and 8 but reversed right to left


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