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Comments please
« on: July 28, 2011, 19:50:43 pm »
today I found the following link and I am not sure what to think of it.
Could you pls take a look at the schematics and maybe even the text and tell me what you think about it. Is it worth a try? Is it maybe a kind of a SM or AP solution etc.

P.S.: spiritofmaat is a really weird site but the schematic looks not as weird.

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Re: Comments please
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2011, 21:41:55 pm »
These are from the Xogen patents.
Steve Meyer was involved there. Not Stan.

Later some dude Alaskastar, i believe, also used the same schematics.
Not sure if this coil can change para and ortho hydrogen.