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Some photos from the June 12-14 2009 inventory (12 IMAGES)

SMINV001 Cover hot water system
SMINV002 The electric motor and alternator unit
SMINV003  The rotary pulse voltage generator
SMINV004  A tote with some vics visible
SMINV005  A tote with a view of the hydrogen gas gun
SMINV006  Same  as SMINV005 to but with a better view of the multicoil vic housing
SMINV007  A view of one of the storage cupboards
SMINV008  A high volume air intake unit
SMINV009  Another storage cupboard
SMINV010  One of Stan's many awards
SMINV011  An image of some of Stanley Meyers patents
SMINV001 Cover
SMINV002 The ratio of pulley diameters is 2:1, Resonant Cell in background tote.
SMINV003 The rotary pulse unit used with the Demonstration Unit
SMINV004 The VICS and a base of the Resonant cell
SMINV005 The Hydrogen Gas Gun( cracked housing)Multicore spindles, and housing
SNINV006 Same tote, the alumininum cover of the housing  moved for better view
SMINV007 Storage cupboard showing extra Birth of New Technology reports, other miscellaneous files
SMINV008 High Velocity Air Intake  ( not stainless)
SMINV009 Storage Cupboad 2 showing laser Distributer and GMS unit)
SMINV010 One of the awards mentioned in the Birth of New Technology document
SMINV011 A display of some of the US patents awarded Stan Meyer
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