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SMDB001 The Classic Discovery Shot
SMDB002 An early visit
SMDB003 Stan Meyer at home in March 1996
SMDB004 Dune Buggy interior
SMDB005 Stan Meyer Buggy on carpet
SMDB006 Dune Buggy in 1984
SMDB007 Rick Schneider at the airport
SMDB008 Image of Buggy with open hood   2009 visit
SMDB009 Image of rear of buggy 2009 visit
SMDM010 Buggy in January 2008

Some images from the net get the new ones from Dynodon cd/dvd/thumbdrive
Stan used the Dune Buggy as the test bed for the various technologies as he developed them
There was only one Dune Buggy  ;) but there were many modifications to the windshield, rollbars and methods of injection over the years before Stan's untimely death.
There are only three publicly available videos showing the Dune Buggy running on HHO.
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