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 2 If you like the imagery consider obtaining the complete cd//dvd/ or thumbdrive from Dynodon who will go down in HHO history as the preserver of critical knowledge. If you are a serious researcher, there are many important details in the other photos
This is the variable spacing unit used to determine optimum spacing.
SMVSU001 Testing the VSU,
SMVSU002 The VSU at its new home
SMVSU003 The VSU during inventory day
SMVSU004 A view of the bottom of the variable spacing unit
SMVSU005 Another view of the VSU with wider plate separation

Get the complete set from Dynodon
 The Variable Spacing Unit was one of Stan's earliest constructions
 It allowed for a determination of optimum plate distance among other things.
SMVS002 shows the testing at the storage unit
SMVS004 shows a measuring scale showing plate separation.
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