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Stanley Meyer Photo Album and Index -- EPG (11 Images))*
« on: May 15, 2011, 14:38:24 pm »
SMEGP001  View of EPG2
SMEGP002  View of EGP2
SMEGP003  Top down image of EPG3
SMEGP004  Detail of EPG1 coils
SMEGP005  Top down image of EPG2
SMEGP006  Top down image of EPG1
SMEGP007  View of EPG circuit card
SMEGP008  Wide angle view of EPG1 and EGP3
SMEGP009  Detail of EPG unit
SMEPG010  Wide angle image of EPG units 1,2 and 3. Unfinished EPG4 at right
SMEPG011  Side view of EPG Unit 2
There were at least 4 EPG units built by Stan (possibly 5 if you count the stacked Canadian
unit attibuted to Stan)

Globalkast and RWGresearch have posted many of these images from the Dynodon disk, and other images are also visible in the Craig Westbrook videos and in Stanley Meyer Estate Video 1 by Dynodon

Get the complete set of imagery from Dynodon
"For educational and study purposes"
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