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Re: Gated Frequency Generator
« Reply #48 on: March 27, 2011, 06:57:05 am »
I don't think you understand this whole process.The gasses won't even start to flow until this resonance of the water is hit.The high voltage alone will not produce any gas until it is pulsed to match the resonance of the water in the cell.You won't even have gas flowing until resonance.

Have you ever seen a waveform similar to Steve Meyers with yours or Stans set up? Matching the stretching with  the voltage is neat, kinda like capture the stretch and then pump it apart :)With all the research ive done anything that deals with pumping or resonating requires an oscillating motion.Steve Meyers says that wat most ppl dont get is that wat you see across ur coils to the cell is wat the cell actually sees... something to that effect.Its very interesting to me to look at Steve Meyers waveform and see an entrainning pulse( the rectified half wave) and then see an increasing unipolar oscillating pulse( the resonance pulse) over time.Its kinda like the test point is detecting the resonance and feeding off it somehow.This pumping of the stretch is interesting,sorta like the kid in a swing only instead of pushing the kid over the top we push the strech apart, but wat is it contained within the strech H --- OH  ? Is it an electron or  2 electrons  or something else? More than likely tho wat ever it is within that motion will slow down with an entrainning voltage field to a subharmonic level .If you do find the frequency mathmatically of this motion and apply it and nothing happens .... I remember Stan saying " when you tune in with voltage" Ther surely should be a way to detect the required paremetrs other than volume of gas ??? 
 I wish you could show us a picture of Stan showing his waveform.
im not sure yet how the high frequencies are being added from the scope shots of the 8xa circuit... i dont have one yet to play with but it kinda looks like ther not on at the rite time... i cant wait to get to play with it :)
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Re: Gated Frequency Generator
« Reply #49 on: March 27, 2011, 22:59:48 pm »
So Don are you referring to the Injector setup or Resonant Cavity setup? The reason I ask is cuz in the Injector setup, the gate can be used as a trigger for the injector gate to allow water into the injector.

Isnt the injector water solenoid controlled by the led/photodiode in the distributor to time the injection with the piston cycle?

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Re: Gated Frequency Generator
« Reply #50 on: March 28, 2011, 00:21:14 am »
outlawstc,I don't think that it is a very small spot to hit,because the gate adjusting pots are only 3/4 turn.So they aren't very precise.Just my thought.