Author Topic: Bottom End Cap BEC and Upper Tube Holder UTH Diameters  (Read 1107 times)

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Bottom End Cap BEC and Upper Tube Holder UTH Diameters
« on: February 13, 2011, 15:16:21 pm »
 The caliper measurement for the inner diameter when divided by the caliper measurement is 5.89. The value of the caliper measurement for the outer diameter is 74 or 75 depending on which tube set one is looking at.
argument 5.89 * .75
Now this computational string that was left hanging out there with no real ties to the
rest of the computational matrix is now confirmed by the diameter of the upper tube bracket.

This kind of relational error is less pronounced if the objects are in the same plane.. The rows of computation that have ratios of the same plane are basically unaffected so the "nuts and bolts"
aspect of the matrix is sound because of the availability of ASTM dimensions
Cell housing diameter may not be critical to the construction
The 5.5 inch outer diameter is not a standard size so it would fail the
test of readily available. But a 6 inch tube with .5 inch wall thickness
would be thick enough for drilling  and tapping.

Take your pick for construction
The nice close up of the VSU and its TEC may shed some light on the
construction and dimensions of the top end cap TEC of the demonstration unit.
I need the feedback on these postings either through pm or public posting
if error is detected but in general the replication project is heading in the
right direction for those who want to replicate  just as I feel the electronics aspect
of the later models is headed down the right path 
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