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Re: Stanley Meyers Universal Energy
« Reply #8 on: November 25, 2010, 21:56:48 pm »
I thought Stan said he used laser energy to keep the electron from collapsing during the pulsing... 
50 percent duty cycle of voltage
50 percent duty of light energy
Both being pulsed at different times but on the same frequency..

The voltage generates a force that excites the electron and when it turns off on off time it would generally collapse.. But since the light is pulsing during that off time of voltage pulse it is the energy force that interacts with the nucleus to maintain the deflection of electron from the nucleus of the atom.. Something to do with absorbing the photons

So Stan would restrict amps from  the fuel cell when voltage is applied to the cavity.
Then Stan would create a current in secondary during the off time.. The source of the current is from the newly formed fuel gas exiting the cavity.. They are taken in my a positive field and passed though l.e.d.s to create photon energy...