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Re: VIC Discusion
« Reply #48 on: November 27, 2010, 23:55:23 pm »
So I did know  Dynodon had a video on the VIC layout that ran one tube of the VIC circuit. Hydrogenmask has started the thread it is located here.,1513.msg17736/boardseen.html#new

What I am putting together is in the pictures/videos their are no individual bobbins that share a capacitance effect on each other. Like how the fig 6-1 does. It just shows both chokes individual from each other. From what I have been researching is that the parasitic capacitance can be used if the inductor is properly design. Stans show the the chokes a multilayer inductor. This may also be the reason being that Stan used a small tube set because the tube capacitance is small. Because the coils capacitance is a small capacitance to Start with. Do you remembered he mentioned the coating of the wire need to be over 3,000 volts?

This would mean the resonance is happening inside the Choke itself with its own capacitance and inductance. This is true cause ever coil has a resonant frequency.  This resonance in the coil would create high voltages in series with the wfc tube.

This also maybe why Stan wound his own inductors to have control over the inductance and distributed capacitance between the coils or turns of wire.

So to figure this problem with Stan would be proficient in inductor design.  Most of the time distributed (parasitic) capacitance is a downside to inductors. What is very fasinatic is that Nikola Tesla did invent  coils to have an increase of parasitic capacitance thru the winding of bifilar coils or pancake coils.

In conclusion is that the distributed (parasitic) capacitance of windings or the capacitance of individual coils plays a very important part to the WFC to create high voltage. This important missing part may be what everyone has missed and need to implement. To increase the potental difference of each winding or coil to achieve higher voltages!!! I going to research more on this. hehehehe


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Re: VIC Discusion
« Reply #49 on: November 28, 2010, 01:29:33 am »

What   I am putting together is in the pictures/videos their are no individual   bobbins that share a capacitance effect on each other. Like how the fig   6-1 does.


the pictures hydrogenmask recently posted are for a resonant cavity..The capacitor being small in size encased in delrin to be isolated from the water bath... this allows full energy output to reflect the water and not leak (waste) any potential from the process..

The u core vic design may not seem to relate to 6-1   100 percent but i would say its similar in the idea of distributed capacitance within the charging chokes.. Instead of like 14 cavities you just have 2 big ones..

6-1 i think uses 430fr stainless for charging chokes not copper..

A noticable difference between 6-1 and the other is the wind count of secondary to choke..
6-1 seems to have more secondary winds then the charging chokes; The u core design seems to have more winds to charging chokes then secondary..

Here is another perspective..  A simple description of a inductors job for charging a capacitor.. Picture a inductor is like a automobile.. different size inductor = different size vehicle (weight).. there similarity is there resistance to the take on of momentum (Change)..

If you have a 200 hp engine in a 4 thousand pound vehicle it will have a maximum speed at which it can take on the power of the motor and transform it into acceleration. You put that same motor into a 8 thousand pound vehicle it will effect the rate at which the car accelerates.. This is what inductance can do in a circuit..

It will change the rate at which charge can enter a capacitor. this simply means that a inductor changes the rate at which a capacitor will charge and discharge.  You change the rate you change the frequency of its resonant action. which is tuning into the charge and discharge characteristic of a circuit..

So we can say that any inductor can technically work with any capacitor. your pulsing sequence is what will change...

On to the next important question.
How was stan choosing the frequency at which to make the circuit resonate at???.. Was it simply the inductor design that made it work or was there something else.

I myself have a strong urge to believe there was also something else..

I feel electric has a stronger force to electrons
While sound has a stronger force to protons

is it possible to incorporate the idea of sound and electric in one process.. 
electrical resonance has to do with the efficiency of energy transfer for the electron
acoustical resonance has to do with the efficiency of energy transfer for the proton

We are dealing with cylinders which do have acoustical characteristic with water..
while it also has electrical characteristics..
the acoustic resonance is a set frequency based on the speed of sound in the water and the dimension of the cylinder
electrical resonance is a variable frequency based on the construction of the inductor to the determined capacitance of the set dimensions and the dielectric properties..

all in all what im saying is this would be a good experiment ...
To build a multi layer inductor to match the acoustic frequency of the cylinder..
By doing this you would think it would allow resonance of the proton by force of voltage and will also be a resonance of electrical..

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Re: VIC Discusion
« Reply #50 on: December 05, 2010, 21:10:09 pm »
Hey everyone. I would like to start off to apologizing on the fact, this subject was already discussed by various members on ionizationx including kinesisfilms that I mention on the waterfuelcell site. Actually the most information I find thus far is in the project section. Somehow I have overlook a great deal of information. So here to conclude I need to do more in depth reading on this site....  Since I have a lot to be catching up to do for the past year...  :)    But it was nice I have a similar ideas I concluded that does match to other members on this forum. Just have to be more mindful on starting new threads.

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