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Interesting Non Hydrogen Projects
« on: September 22, 2010, 19:00:13 pm »
Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if any of you may be interested in working on a few non-hydrogen projects... that have to do with electronics and voltage, and pulsing, and things like that, that would have related skills and knowledge...

Some projects I think are interesting, that maybe we could get a few people working on together, are...

1. Audio Modulated Plasma Speaker (Or Audio Modulated Tesla Coil...)
... with a few people gathering research and discussing designs, collaborating, we could figure out all the details, and get them going.
... the idea is basically to plug this circuit into an audio jack, in place of speakers, and then the hv spark/plasma is modulated to produce sound, making the coolest music system ever
... there are lots of videos on youtube of this, one with a flyback transformer is here...

2. Bob Beck Blood Electrifier
... I mentioned this before, I think outlaw built one, I attempted before but did not complete
... I am still interested in this, for the possible health benefits, although my opinion is i'd have to try it to see... and i think it's worth a try...
... it's basically a 4 Hz alternating square wave of +- 27 volts (i think) with a pot to determine current level to the skin, so it shouldn't be hard once we dive into it...

3. Homemade CRT Oscilloscope 
... lots of videos of this on youtube, use an old computer monitor or tv and put your test electrical signal into the y deflection coils, and have a circuit that sweeps the x deflection coils from left to right then back to the left (saw tooth wave)
... this could be used for ... learning ... and also a crude way to display signals when you lack a real scope... or for fun by putting music/audio signals into it...

4. Sound Card Oscilloscope
... this requires a voltage division and protection circuit so you can send the test electrical signal into the sound card of a PC and then use free software to display and analyze the signal

I'd like to build some or all of these things, and maybe other projects too, If any of you are interested in collaborating on any of these, or even other ideas, then we can start. These are just a few coming to mind at the moment.

By the time we are done we will have compiled a base of research, and gone through the components and function, and come up with a successful diy project record that others can follow after us.

It would be great to have 3-4 people all working on and building the same project, and with something non-hydrogen related like these, the chance of success is pretty much 100%, so the time and money will be worth it, even tho the project isn't going to save the world.

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Re: Interesting Non Hydrogen Projects
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2010, 22:09:46 pm »
Hello Donald

I've build the pc oscilloscope circuit...

Is very very simple

Is a voltage divider being one resistor, one variable resistor and with two antiparallel 1n4148 diodes connected to the output voltage of the variable resistor and ground. for each channel note that the other channel share the same ground...

You can find link for a simple schematic on zelscope website 

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Re: Interesting Non Hydrogen Projects
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2010, 22:28:44 pm »
Hey Donald,

On my list I have the Bob Beck Blood Electrifier to build :)   I have already collect some very good building material, like an "as is video" on a breadboard. With this manual it must be very easy to build. I would love to work with some people on this project and exchange experience. This device is one of the suppressed knowledges by the medical industries and will like HHO contribute to a better world.



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Re: Interesting Non Hydrogen Projects
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2010, 00:48:37 am »
hey Knovos, how about we get in touch with outlaw, and start working on it, I think his is finished, i'll start another topic for it where we can post documents and pictures.

hey sebostato, do you have a link or schematic for it, or picture of your completed circuit? what software did you use to run it? I'll be on linux for the next few months then back to mac.

anybody want to work on the audio modulated plasma speaker?