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Re: The great mysteries of water
« Reply #8 on: June 02, 2013, 13:32:24 pm »
Hi Steve
 no the project does no run an engine, I know that is what it started out to be and was from studding Myer, I found that there were things that were never told and also I think left out on purpose.  It then got bigger and bigger, and is nothing like what it started out to be.
Now it is a replacement for burners in any boiler, that is once I can get a stable flame, I let it be for awhile when I blew it up after a fashion, and looking at slow mo pics it nearly took of my hand in the process.  I then pursued a a redesign of the permanent magnet motor, this was done it also became a generator as well, I had it at a 4-1 cop and verified by a scientist, the other half the generator half I tried many designs , I finally designed one that should work, but there was pressure on me to go back to the plasma project. it all this I lost my wife just under four years ago. I am struggling for money, there are several people that offered me some but I will not take it from them just yet.
The HHO group that i was part of are no longer having regular meetings, there is one of them that has made some major advances with HHO stuff.
This group ionization, should work on that more as I use it in my project, as for trying to measure the temperature, well only the color band would seem to be the way, but as you see this flame shown is green, well that is due to minute fragments of coper, it can be also a pale cobalt blue, that it the part that you can see. I hope to have it up and running again soon and try to get it stable as you see it in the pic it was only 1/40th at its estimated output of 2.7MW heat energy. and using water as its fuel.
well this may be interesting to kept in touch again I did no know what post to put it in to interest any one mysteries of water seem to be the closest.   

Sorry to hear about your loss, my friend. Such events always have a hugh impact on life.
But its nice to read that you build yourself a magnetmotor with more output then input.
I know you know Dansie. Maybe he can help you with the financial part?
And dont loos your hand! You need those!  ;)
I once lost almost my right ear, because of an HHO blow out. A big hole in my roof and me almost knocked out.
See yourself bleeding is not nice  :(
Ok, my first reaction on that green color was also some copper or nitrogen involvement.
Your torch is interesting. Please share what you want. Maybe we can help with idea's or even some donations by certain members.
Of course we are also curious about what your old HHO group found out. The last i remember was that schematic with coils you shared and what I made as the ionizationx reference schematic for electrolysers.

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Re: The great mysteries of water
« Reply #9 on: June 03, 2013, 07:53:11 am »
Hi again, well I may be going to one of those infrequent meetings tomorrow night, it seem that one of the guys has may some in roads with carb  varpour  and HHO so if there is any thing of interest I will let you know.
  as for the 'green' effect no it was copper vaporising, and in the transgression that the water goes though as it dissociates it all happens in less than micro  or even a smaller time span the hydrogen and oxygen is ionized and goes into a sharp temperature climb, as more water is put though the unit less power is required, just enough to keep the process going as the water basically after that just keeps getting hotter but is is then in a vaporisation plasma form, as this increases the temperature will reach the critical point and go into full plasm form at 12,000C it is plasma after 3,000C but the forth state of the water does not happen until 12,000C.
at this point the process goes all quiet apart from the compressor. it is uncanny to see it like that as it starts it can crackle pop bang and then it goes silent, watching it like that even for a minuet and a half is wonderful.   600cc a minuet at a loss of 40% of the water and all the combined power used this includes the compressor, still was only 5kW, think was it could do at the full designed rate of 12 to 15 liters a min. with the power around 25kW.