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Title: Stanley A Meyer Australian Patents ionizationx
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Stanley A Meyer has 4 Australian Patent listings

Link to IP Australia (Australian Patent Office

German Pat Office
Publication numbers   
                                 Application #  in Australia    Title
AU001991084471A               AU84471/91A     Water Fuel Injection System
AU001991074852A               AU7485291A       Control and Driver Circuits for a Hydrogen Gas Fuel Producing Cell
AU001990068870A               AU6887091A       Hydrogen Gas Fuel and Management System for an Internal Combustion Engine Utilizing Gas Fuel

AU001989038623A               AU3898623A        Process and Apparatus for the Production of Fuel Gas and the Enhanced Release of Thermal Energy from Such Gas

 The one patent from Australia that was available online was the same as a WO89/12704 patent

See attachments for  various pages for Australian submissions
1 Australian Cover Page
2 Copy of text. In this case as scan of a  PCT US patent
3. Microscopic Resolution Chart used in scanning in documents at the Australian Patent Office