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Title: Stan Meyer Dune Buggy Witness and Rider in 1985 - Transcipt
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At the IronDMax YouTube site a video telephone recording surfaced recently that gives an account of a ride in Stan's
dune buggy in 1985  Due to the proximity of the event to Wright Patterson AFB and the later contract being negotiated
with the Air Force regarding  the HHO jet conversion project, the transcript is of some historical interest and gives
some credence to goverment involvment with the Stanley Meyer technolgies.
voice Max1
voice Male1
srch site string val < lady, 13>
tim 00:00:00-00:13:31
The voice rendering program had some difficulties due to a poor telephone connection
and low signal to noise ratio in some segments,so there are more garble inserts than usual.

Max Miller is doing some fantastic work lately. Thanks for keeping the dream alive,Max :)
The transcript is in a pdf file attachment to this post.

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