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Title: Stan Meyer Speaks-- searchable transcripts by keyword or phrase- a how to
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As an aid to researchers and experimenters, the transcipts of many of the videos of Stanley A Meyer
and his brother Stephen F Meyer have been converted to searchable text. By downloading the master file
and saving to one's computer, an Adobe PDF 7 professional(r) program can search the spoken words of Stanley Meyer.

Although  the software used to transcribe the videos is good by the use of adaptive training for Stans voice
and gender and speaker trained for other speakers, it is not perfect due to the vagaries of human speech, bad signal to noise ratios (background noise) and poor discrimination and reconstructive ability when two or more people are talking at the same time and can  and will lead to errors and misidentification of words.  Also some runs had different filters applied as to how to handle formatting, the uhs and ers, time stamp etc so the pdfs may have different font styles spacing etc.

The masterfile is a work in progress as some negotiations are going on for some unleased tapes :-X
but the debugged master pdf file  of the currently available transcripts will be posted here at ionizationx

Staney Meyer Speaks Version 1  is an attachment to this post as a test of the text search function with a smaller size to reduce download time

9015 WTVN outtake
9116 KRDO
9213 Orlando
9214 GMS Explained
9212 Stanley Meyer Interview
9310 Equinox part 2

On reason I didn't combine all the files is that I wasn't sure of compression ratios for posting and effect on download time  (edit) one could easily download the pdfs from my project page,combine and set it up for their study of the Stan Meyer materials but you would need to buy some software to do the pdf conversion
to searchable files and merging ;)

Adobe PDF 7 professional USD 100 was used to create the searchable and merged file , I am not sure if you have to have the program to search or if adobe reader (free) will work for you
The second attachment shows what my screen looks like when I am searching the dowloaded file

Also if you convert the ITTR, Birth of New Technology, and Dealership Sales manual or the Patents
to searchable PDFs and then combine them into larger files and put them on your own computer, a verse
from the Stanley Meyer bible is just a click away ;)

Tagging the photos and linking to the pdfs is also possible but i need to explore its use for tagged pictures
the glyptal photo did not have a photo tag so it is not searchable by word or else the pdf search function did not pick up the paint can label due to size or type of script . Pictures seem to work (see other post)