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Title: Stan Meyer Drama Video Link revised
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 An entertaining way to spend a half hour  8)

The video  was from the Lone Gunmen,episode" Like water for octane"  aired on american tv march 18 2001    available in boxed set along with
x files  from fox video    a fictiional  search for the water car by" Stan Miser"
This just a link , no politics please
Title: Re: meyer drama video
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The end of this film is pretty interesting, they find out the same problem i keep pointing, for the liberation of this kind of technology and is the main problem in making it free for all. People are not ready for this, with the massive consumerism. However i believe to have the courage to get this technology into the market making it still safe for the planet.

Almost all countries level the consumerism by simply raising the prices and to keep the mass from have some kinds of products. Although it seem not ethic, it is the only way (today) to keep the market hot, production costs low and keep low the production of trash in our societies, it has reverse effects like social inequalities, violence... This chaotic system is well desired today cause is raise the profits.

The only way possible to make this technology solution available to this world, is thru the solid plans of actions that my company is creating. Make a product line, and decentralize its production to affect positively the economies of all countries, reaching political stability and well-being for the population. Later we are planing systems for increase recyclability of all kinds of wastes. With energy we can. We are offering a solution which is better than the actual economic system, and has the abilities to even increase the profits in all market areas, because we start from solving the inefficiencies that previously was impossible to solve. Reducing the impact by increasing efficiency of whatever industrial or extraction processes.