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Title: Stanley Meyers Universal Energy
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I am starting this post to discuss on how Stan used water as a  fuel source. I do not know that much about how he mentions universal energy. To sum it up, what I take on the concept for universal energy, is the extraction of any type of energy all around us. This can be the extraction on electromagnetic energy or the extraction of heat. In simple terms Stanley Meyers used his process to be an energy converter by using water as the medium. A good example would be a alternator is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Anyone have any ideas?
Title: Re: Stanley Meyers Universal Energy
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He's talking about quantum physics basically... He left out a lot of the math, but, that is not critical to completely understanding the concepts and filling in the rest of the blanks.

For example, a quote from Atomic Energy Balance of Water.
Energy Recycling Spectrum is achieved since expelling de-energized water molecule (s) is/are opto-sensitive to photon energy in that photonenergy
is composed of electromagnetic radiant energy transmitted through the medium of space
by way of pulse-oscillations known as "frequency of wavelength" and, is expressed by a quantum of
Electromagnetic energy in the following equation

E = hv

(E) is the energy, (h) is Planck's Constant (energy x time) (6.547 X 10 -27 erg-second), and (v) is
the frequency associated with the photon.The momentum of the photon in the direction of
propagation transversing the medium of space is, thus, expressed by the following equation

hv /c

(c) is the quantum of electromagnetic energy carried in a small amount and moving with the
speed of light. Optical Photons having energies corresponding to wavelengths between 120
and 1800 nanometres ... thus, propagating sun's light or its direct rays

With what he has given us here is enough to calculate the whole ball of wax even though he is only focusing on re-energizing water droplets with sunlight. As with any of Stan's devices, all can still be calculated with the same equations. All you really need is the frequency of the emitted photon(quanta).

I can calculate Planck's constant, by ONLY knowing the frequency of an emitted photon; not knowing the energy level of the photon at all, on an equation that can fit on my thumb.

It really is a KISS method, although, on a quantum level...
Title: Re: Stanley Meyers Universal Energy
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Excellent!! On the same page. I did know that Stan did write about the absorption of light from the LEDS to help the ionization process.

He was stating getting the hydrogen and oxygen gases to higher energy states. Even thou the atoms were unstable, the atoms also absorbed electromagnetic energy from all around. So when the Hydrogen and Oxygen linked up the absorbed energy is released as thermal explosive energy. A form of work/energy we can use. This would imply in Thermodynamics this is a open system. The extraction of energy would come from everywhere like I stated before heat, light, or any energy on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Any excellent example the absorption of sunlight for plants is energy that is used for the building process to grow.The sunlight is stored in the form of combined compounds. Later this can be released as fuel. Like firewood, coal, fossil fuels. The energy is stored from the sunlight.
Title: Re: Stanley Meyers Universal Energy
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Here is a teaser for you...
Title: Re: Stanley Meyers Universal Energy
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I'm studying quantum physics now, I don't really have the time to dive into all the equations and try and apply this to water right now, but i have some thoughts i want to explore

the other day i read the atomic energy balance of water (AEBW) again, and comparing this to quantum physics (QP), it looks like we are only touching on a very simplified presentation of an extremely complex interaction

the difference between the AEBW and QP is that Stan talks about the newtonian force interactions of the atoms which absolutely demand and introduction of energy (universal energy he calls it) to maintain their orbits and motion and not collapse in a billionth of a second as they should, while QP avoids the whole problem by just "saying" that "atoms reach a stable orbit" and they never address the force issue, because they "assume" a stable energy, newtonian mechanics is all about forces, and quantum mechanics is all about energies, but if you consider the forces then quantum mechanics has holes in it ... the holes being what backs up these "assumptions" of "stable orbits" ... which is the whole idea of universal energy, listen to the end of the colorado video, stans says "those FORCE FACTORS are THERE" and they *are*, QP ignores them

if you do the math on a hydrogen atom for an electron and proton electrical attraction force it is about (hold on, checking math) newtons so QP doesn't even talk about this HUGE electrical attraction force.... they just say it's a stable orbit and requires no energy to resist the force

remember if the electron moves in a circular orbit then it has an acceleration, and if it has an acceleration then it has a force

then when you think about the electrical polarization process, the idea is to "deflect the electron" as stan says in the NZ or Col video, when we apply a voltage we are decelerating the electron for half of it's orbit and accelerating it for the other half (think of running in a circle in a super strong wind, you speed up when running with the wind, slow down when running into the wind), and when you change the velocity you change the momentum, and the shape of the orbit, and all you have to do is make it deflect enough so that it becomes out of equilibrium, and since everything tries to find equilibrium, some of the water molecules will find equilibrium by separating into hydrogen and oxygen

this already happens with water without exposing it to an electric field, it's called the auto-ionization of water, or the auto-dissociation of water, and there is an equilibrium balance of water molecules and ions all the time, the cause of this is that when the water molecules move around and interact with each other, there is always a portion of water molecules with their electrons at just the right positions in their orbits so that when they get to another water molecule with their electrons in just the right positions the forces between them break the bonds in those water molecules and after time they are trading hydrogen atoms, but at any instant there is always a certain number of water molecules broken all by themselves,  all we are doing is making the equilibrium shift, and allowing the hydrogen and oxygen to come out of the water, instead of becoming re-absorbed

anyway, there is a lot to think about and a lot to piece together to make an understanding that makes sense and works, and will become useful to us

Bubz, thats interesting info, send more if you have it!
AncientMist, keep it coming too!
Title: Re: Stanley Meyers Universal Energy
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Hi AncientMist, Hi Donald! It is truly a pleasure to have this discussion with you guys. I have attempted to talk about this with friends and I haven't got much of a response. As soon as the words "Quantum Physics" come out of my mouth the lights turn off and they walk away from it. It can be a lonely intellectual world sometimes, can't it?

If the text I attached above was hard to digest, please watch the following videos for an enhanced enlightenment. The videos total about four hours long, but it's well worth your time. Review: Anti-Gravity / Cold Fusion Explained In Detail: A New Era in Physics - PESWiki (

Happy Thanksgiving!
Title: Re: Stanley Meyers Universal Energy
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Well I can try the best I can do. As far as Quantum Physics goes, it is just a self study that just branch off from the two university physics classes I took. What Stan talks about I study to see where he comes from. Hope I can be some help.
Title: Re: Stanley Meyers Universal Energy
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The force that keeps the electron from collapsing into the proton, couldn't this be caused because the 2 charges move through each others electric field, creating repelling EM-fileds?
Title: Re: Stanley Meyers Universal Energy
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I thought Stan said he used laser energy to keep the electron from collapsing during the pulsing... 
50 percent duty cycle of voltage
50 percent duty of light energy
Both being pulsed at different times but on the same frequency..

The voltage generates a force that excites the electron and when it turns off on off time it would generally collapse.. But since the light is pulsing during that off time of voltage pulse it is the energy force that interacts with the nucleus to maintain the deflection of electron from the nucleus of the atom.. Something to do with absorbing the photons

So Stan would restrict amps from  the fuel cell when voltage is applied to the cavity.
Then Stan would create a current in secondary during the off time.. The source of the current is from the newly formed fuel gas exiting the cavity.. They are taken in my a positive field and passed though l.e.d.s to create photon energy...