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Title: Broken thoughts and flawed physics
Post by: Login to see usernames on September 08, 2010, 07:16:08 am
Well i thought i better put something in a public forum to show my ideas, since this revolves around splitting water (well in my application) this seems like the best place to do so.
Theory one - riding the BEMF wave,
With this i am trying to produce a few effects, i am sure that some will call it "resonance" but that is to over polluted with concepts. In this theory I want to use BEMF to my advantage. I see BEMF as potenials returning to level (like water poured from a bucket). Electrons balancing out if you will, this happens when the magnetic field colapses. As we all know. What would happen if we timed a pulse to energize the primary at just the right time? With the same polarity as the BEMF? this I theorize will work like a swing, if you energize the primary to work with the BEMF you would hopefully get a higher value output (AC from DC if not rectified) timing and frequency would be of most importance, along with pulse width and break time. If correct you should see a step up in output power, not only that but if it works well (and efficiently) could be used to convert DC to AC, on demand.
Theory 2 - Destruction through Frequency.
Being a fan of Tesla and all his inventions, his vibration machine has a lot of people intrigued. Its more the process then the machine that interests me. So how does this apply in a new way? Well we all know PWM can increase efficientcy for a multitude of reasons, but what about PFM? As yet to see much on this, even with my barracking from the bleachers of others projects. Simple 1 sided pulsing of a cell i am sure will not hold much for this test, but if the pulsing were in an alternating fashion, i theorise "molecular swing" to occur.
We shall see,
Title: Re: Broken thoughts and flawed physics
Post by: Login to see usernames on September 16, 2010, 07:04:36 am
I am running with some of this in tests. I believe that modifying an alternator is a cheap way to achieve what i want to do with the above. Anyone an electrical engineer???