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a blog against murikami?  Hahahahahahaha

Who is Walter Jenkins????
He is suppose to be the  creator of the water fogged. He is supposed to have paired the fogger and plasma to have run a motor. I can’t find him, his site, and even though I suck making vids his channel was horrible. If I over stand what he did the he is also a fraud. He put gas in fogger til it would burn when atomized with water. That is not running your car on water. He suspended fuel particles giving the appearance he was running a car on water.
Check out this book I received while away.

I claim open source on the plasma ignition and fogger. I didn’t see anyone doing it when I started. Can anyone prove an earlier date of posting.

Doesn’t this bottom pic of Aquapulser look like my prototype?

Walter Jenkins car:

5% petrol , waterfog, and a high voltage spark....

Thats almost everything on water.
I wonder if he just cannot make hho or H to replace the 5% petrol...

Just saw Steve’s posting above. Walter did use fuel. Ok… I have also wondered if you can replace with HHO and cause fracturing of the fog.

This is the Walter Jenkins video I watched where he talks about mixing water with fuel.
Walter Jenkins knew Stanley Meyer?
Is he helping where did he go?


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