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when we look at the kelving water droper

the fields are kind of self sustained...

i think we need some strong electrolysis going on served by a isolated transformer thru a pair of common mode chokes made of long thick wire to keep losses low


L2b is a tap

having this tap at L2 is possible to feed it from a pair of diodes to aways maintain the charge where it should be

aplying ac but having a control and balanced dc content based on the Nturns

when applying high voltage to L2, L1 will replicate the voltage as common mode so the whole cell will go up and high but whatever is the polarity because the action of the diodes  a dc bias would be formed.

the high voltage transformer must be driven by push pull with a time between the pulses to forme the high voltage spike on both polaritities


--- Quote from: sebosfato on December 14, 2019, 15:38:15 pm ---did you saw his patents? i mean john quincy st clair?

he show some formula... he proposes that using a combination of fields is possible to calculate in a matrix the curvature generated.. and he says it can be used for thrust and other means

all based in his wormhole generator apparently

is hard to tell how he got this stuff patented talking about contact with other civilizations etc,,,

but i understand what you are saying GEON but i also think maybe theres more than what books tells apparently.. we should try to match some of the hard science knowledge with this claims to try understand whats going on.. when i got back to Brazil and into the physics university was for this reason.. meyer talked the language of science and it seemed the most reasonable way to learn it.. and perhaps understand something more.

if patents never exists maybe we would have time machines by now =D

--- End quote ---

this guy writes chakra and another paragraph which wasn't needed "A segment of this hull is designed on a 3D computer graphics program and stored as a stereolithography *.stl file. The file is then transmitted over the Internet to a server who prints up the part on an xy-plotter with an ultraviolet laser and ultraviolet light sensitive polymer bath. The computer model is sliced by a special program into many thousands of slices which are printed one over the other until the part is completed. The server returns the part next day by Express Mail. "
also "By placing the hands on either side of the ball, rotating astral energy flows from the right-hand chakra to the left-hand chakra. The linear momentum of the hyperspace energy crossed with the angular momentum of the astral energy times the lever arm offset above the coil generates an oscillating body torque"

so I get the impression he is trolling although if you neglect all common logic you can turn an atom into photons, the photons can be produced during matter antimatter collision which is electron positron collision, the electron has many information e.x. angular momentum and spin, when the positron and electron unite the angular momentum is cancelled and a wave which has zero spacetime curvature aka no mass is produced aka photon which is an EM wave with an intrinsic clock frequency like all particles, the big question is how is the clock frequency synchronized between all matter of our universe, it means that the starting point of all waves is the same so yes this should come from hyperspace or a 5th dimension which unites the general relativity with quantum mechanics, following from genetic evolution the matter waves formed complex structures after the bang bang and now the funny part is that if you do a parallelism between organisms and our universe, in organisms there are polymerases and ribosomes which create the protein structure in analogy when you shoot a proton with photon which has the same size as the electron and positron the proton creates an electron positron pair!! It can't happen in free space since the angular momentum part of mass was cancelled during the creation of the photon. So a first proton can create all the electrons and protons of the universe, so in order to transfer matter through a wormhole you can shoot the matter with it's antimatter transform it into massless waves and then reshoot it in a mold of matter but then how will the complex structures form again?.. In reality the only thing you could transfer through a wormhole would be simple particles and not complex organisms

I refer you to podkletnovs gravity beam or something he rotated the ARC

he also said this was like tesla's death ray and got kicked out from where he worked , at least that's what the internets says

for more science fiction in theory you can contruct a wave which has negative spacetime curvature but the same gravitational mass because gravitional mass contracts the spacetime and creates a gradient density which has the same effects on any spacetime distortion not depending on the sign of spacetime density of the particle, this is evident from how photons follow the geodesics of spacetime curvature aka they are bent from gravity and have a zero net sign of spacetime curvature

I tried to understand the electron volt thing in combination with water and breaking down water in atoms.

If you consider that there is a resistance in water that slowly giving up if you raise the voltage. Voltage is a potential difference of electrons between two electrodes.
So, you can have  a million electrons waiting on 1  electrode and a lack of electrons on the other electrode who want to suck in electrons from a source.

to be continued.

Electron Volts can be used to express the energy of particles other than electrons, for example, neutrons, bowling balls, and satellites. EV's can also be converted to velocity.  It may be that a charged water molecule, traveling with a velocity which matches one of Stan's photoelectron values, would produce the impact dissociation.  If this velocity is less than the speed of sound in water, then that could be the key to resonance.

Here's a link to a conversion calculator:


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