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Thanks Steve, Re-reading once again...


--- Quote from: sebosfato on May 08, 2011, 19:01:02 pm ---Thanks Steve, Re-reading once again...

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LOL...i did too.....for the 1000th time....
I found again a piece that got my attention...

Me too! Its very suspicious the subtle changes in the text!
Release atomic energy under controlled state by applying electric fields. wow
Makes lot of sense for me, the physicists don't see this, they can only see a chain reaction neutrons and ever lasting radiation...

for me is clean

This is what is keeping my mind tickeling. First Stans text. Then the text after deleting lots of crap talk:

First water mist (47) of Figure (4-4) is injected into fuel-mixing chamber (35) of Figure (45) by way of
water spray ports (41a xxx 41n) of Figure (4-4); Secondly, ionized air gases (46a xxx 46n) of Figure (4-
4) (laser primed ambient air gases having missing electrons) produced by Ambient Air Ionizer (80) of
Figure (4-6) as to Figure (4-1) and non-combustible gases (45) of Figure (4-4) are intermixed with
expelling water mist (47a xxx47n) to form Water-fuel mixture (48) by way of gas mixing disc (34) of
Figure (4-5) as to (30) of Figure (4-2); thirdly, the resultant moving Water-Fuel mixture (48) of Figure
(4-5) enters into Voltage Igniter Stage (180) of Figure (4-5) and exposed to hjgh intensity voltage fields
(33/36) (typically 2,000 volts or above @ 10 Khz or above) of opposite electrical polarity (E7 / E8) ...
which, in turn, not only performs electrical polarization process (160) of Figure (3-26) undergoing
Dielectric Resonant (240) of Figure (3-31); but, also, sets up and triggers Hydrogen Fracturing Process
(390) of Figure (3-42) as to Figure (3-6) under control state (on demand) via electrical-static spark
ignition (49/51) of Figure (4-5) .... releasing thermal explosive energy (gtnt) (16) passing beyond gas
exit port (32) of Figure (4-5), as further illustrated in Figure (4-2) as to Figure (4-1).

First water mist is injected into fuel-mixing chamber.
Secondly, use ionized air produced by Ambient Air Ionizer.
Third, add as option exhaust gasses = watervapour, if it runs on water
Fourth: use a plasma sparkplug system

Long story short. I must add a startermotor on my generator........then i can go run tests with ionizers, watermist and plasma sparks...


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