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Jesus Christ is Lord

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i have always wounderd what perspective stan was seeing this statement from.. Jesus Christ is Lord.. i think i understand now... god is all that is truth.. he represents freedom knowledge light and clarity in life...  so the birth of a new technology is the birth of new knowledge and since it is new it can be considered the birth of a form of god (who is light knowledge and clarity and represents freedom) so i think stan refers to jesus as all trutly benificial knowledge that comes forth in time... like birth of a new tech is the birth of christ.. type of persoective

 example fire used to be suppressed by kings and queens and they claimed the gods gave them rights to powers for creating fire... they supressed the truth and manipulated society under a fire scarcity this could only continue if the masses that didnt understand how they really made fire never gained the knowledge (gods gift)...  the kings and queens manipulations  are a example of the antichrist.. remember god did prevail..  all learned the truth of fire and how to create it. 

isn't "Jesus Christ is Lord" a phrase that all these religious people are using?

Stan talks a lot about his relationship with God. I am confident you'll never figure out the water fuel cell technology unless you take his clues about God as seriously as you take his clues about the technology.

Religious is a general term that encompasses all religions.  Christians would proclaim "Christ is Lord", Muslims would proclaim something else as would Jews or Buddhists or whatever take your pick.  Christian isn't the only religion last time I checked.  It may be your religion but not everyone else's.  Whatever works for the individual as long as other individual's beliefs are not infringed upon.  That's one of the pillars on which this country was based among others.

Regards and Peace,

Religion is a classification.

The truth needs no classification.


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